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With a 450-square-foot-walk-in humidor's worth of cigars and an extensive selection of spirits and wines, Magnum's furnishes tasty fodder for smoke- and liquor - attuned palates. Guests bathe in the amber glow of our speak-easy-style ambiance as they browse a nearby encyclopaedic menu that showcases 1,000 imported cigars, 350 single-malt scotches, 600 beers, and untold partridges in pear trees.

Customers overwhelmed by Magnum's diversity of indulgences can consult with one of the store's knowledgeable sommeliers, mixologists, or cigar aficionados to discover the perfect sip or stogie to fit their mood. As Guests blow smoke rings, the sounds, smells, and sentiments of the early 1930s permeate the shop, hearkening back to the days when smoking was the norm and words for money and unbaked dread could be used interchangeably.


(602) 493-8977


731 E Union Hills Dr, Suite B10 Phoenix, AZ 85024

Lounge Hours
Mon-Thu, 10am-11pm
Fri-Sat, 10am-2am
Sun, 11am-6pm

Retail Hours
Mon-Thu, 10am-10pm
Fri-Sat, 10am-11pm
Sun, 11am-6pm